The Meltdown Winter Ice Festival

The MELTDOWN THROWDOWN will be January 27 & 28, 2017 at Elstro Plaza!

The Meltdown Winter Ice Festival is back!  This HUGE, locally-loved event in Richmond, IN features activities for all ages throughout the entire week.  Experience all the fun, including coloring & photography contests, scavenger hunts & frozen fairy trails, warming stations & winter-themed crafts, and Chili for Charity!  The week-long festival culminates at Elstro Plaza with some amazing live events that draw thousands of people.  Come and enjoy the pub crawl, the food vendors and merchandise, and world-class ice carvers creating beautifully sculpted works of art!  Don’t miss the Stage One Youth Theatre performing live on stage.  And come experience the ultimate finale of the head-to-head ice carving competition, The Meltdown Throwdown!, complete with chainsaws, lights, music, pyrotechnics, and more!”

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