Regarding Today’s Event

Today, our community witnessed something that has left us feeling numb. For years, we have watched this happen to many other communities, and now we are the community everyone is watching. Our children, grandchildren, teachers, police officers, and other school personnel were in danger. We felt that immediate fear.


As we begin to pick up the pieces, we reflect on what has made us a strong community. It is those people who are faced with danger and tragedy and yet demonstrate strength and resilience.


Over the next few weeks, there will be many questions and conversations. What matters most is that we continue to support those that were involved in today’s incident. Our community is one that always finds a way to overcome challenges. We have the strength to get through this emotional time; we have the courage to face these problems; and we have the support of one another to lean on during moments of weaknesses. As other communities watch our story unfold, let’s demonstrate our courage and our love for one another.


If you or a loved one is struggling with today’s event, please reach out to someone for help – Richmond Community Schools staff, Communities In Schools, Centerstone, Meridian Health Services or the Ministerial Alliance. Tonight, hug your children a little tighter and thank a police officer or teacher for continuously caring for and protecting our community.


Thank you,


Melissa Vance


Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce