More Than Words October: Contentment


This month, we are focusing on CONTENTMENT: deciding to be happy with what you have.

I know. This one’s tough. If we focus on contentment, aren’t we telling kids to be OK with where they are and what they have? Aren’t we missing an opportunity to talk about how hard work pays off?

I hear you. But think about it this way: Contentment is a form of gratitude for what you have. When you lead from the position of gratitude, it is contagious. In order to keep entitlement at bay, contentment and gratitude need to be in the mix. Instead of noticing, discussing, complaining about, and fretting over what you don’t have, maybe this month you can commit to paying attention to what you DO have.


People in your organization might say:

  • “Although our facility is small, it is well-organized with materials that meet our needs.”
    • “We have a small staff, but we always pull together to help one another.”
    • “I am amazed at how resourceful you all are in coming up with what you need in spite of our small supply budget.”