More Than Words December: Compassion

WHY COMPASSION? In this definition, compassion involves two things: noticing or seeing the need, and then caring enough to help. As you work with community members this month, try to encourage both. Kids are great at noticing and asking questions, even sometimes asking those questions when you wish they wouldn’t! This month, pose questions of your own to help others think more deeply about the needs that they see — and then help think of ways they could try to help. Sometimes help comes in the way of a donation, a gift, or other monetary help. Other times — many times — the needs we have are relational. Listening, inviting, helping, lending, and honoring are all words you can use to encourage meeting the emotional needs of others.

• People sharing what they have with others
• Coworkers contributing to local causes
• Employees volunteering their time to help others
• Stopping by a colleague’s office to check in after he/she has suffered a loss
• Putting aside until later the phone call, the e-mail, the text, in order to listen, talk, help