More Than Words April: Hope

There are other words that I connect with personally, but I cannot think of a word we need more in our community than hope. This month, we are specifically talking about believing that something good can come out of something bad.

It can be tricky to talk about this with kids using that application, because hope doesn’t always mean you’re starting from a bad place, and it also doesn’t mean that bad things are suddenly OK when you have hope. What is does for all of us, however, is remind us that things can be different in the future than they are in the present, and sometimes that glimmer is just enough to get us through some rough stuff.

So how can you look for hope in your workplace or family?

  • When you do a “lessons learned” recap after a project to help you approach it better next time
  • When you circle a date on the calendar to remind you of something upcoming that you look forward to
  • When you share openly about a time things weren’t going your way so others can see how you’ve come through
  • When you celebrate overcoming an obstacle together

Challenge yourself this month to reach out to someone (your own kid, a neighbor, someone you mentor, a direct report) and share with them something you hope for their future. Sometimes, when things seem dark for us, it is the light of another person that pulls us forward toward hope.


This month, the kids visited with Emma Ullery and the horses at Brighter Path to talk about hope and mindsets.

Here is the video: