Meet the Interns (Michael Black & Hunter Haskett)

The Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce has two bright and hardworking interns this semester, Michael Black from Earlham College and Hunter Haskett from Richmond High School. Here is your chance to “Meet the Interns”:

Name: Michael Black (Earlham College)

Studying: Business and Nonprofit Management major; Computer Science minor (Earlham)

Special Talent: Punctuality

Reasons for Joining: The Chamber is a good opportunity to gain work experience and network myself throughout the Richmond community

Projects: Helping with the Annual Dinner, Event Planning, Program Management

What I Learned: I have learned a lot about event planning and the level of details that goes into it both through experience and watching Melissa Vance

Favorite Memory (So Far): Watching the Annual Dinner run so smoothly after many days and hours of setting it up

What do YOU see in the Chamber? A lot of genuine people who enjoy making a positive difference in the community


Name: Hunter Haskett (Richmond High School)

Studying: Marketing and Graphic Design

Special Talent: I have perfect pitch in both ears, and can identify any note and whether it is sharp or flat simply by hearing it.

Reasons for Joining: Since the beginning of my search for an internship during the final semester of my senior year, I had told myself that I would not choose based upon what company was the biggest or most successful, rather it would be judged based upon what they stood for, and who had the greatest positive impact on the people. The chamber stands for something greater; and as a non-profit, I was sure that what they stood for was simply something more than what other larger corporations had to offer. My true reasons for joining are simply this:

  • I admire their message
  • I enjoy smaller working groups
  • Senior staff are enjoyable to be around
  • They offer an internship in my specific field of study

Projects: I am part of a smaller and well connected group of marketers at the Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce. I entered the chamber fully expressive of my desire to become involved and well versed in as many layer of the Chamber as possible, including projects, campaigns, meetings, skills, etc.

Some projects that I have worked on thus far include:

  • Annual Dinner Promotional Nametags
  • Movie Quotes Presentation
  • Dinner Map
  • School is Cool Promotion Flyers (Elementary-High School)
  • Social Media Posts/Chamber Promotion

What I learned:

Thus far, my learning has been a bit odd, in that I have really only learned a few aspects of Photoshop. The nature of my field is very unique, in that it assimilates to a very wide variety of things. That said, the majority of things that I have “learned” in my time here thus far, are all things that I, in a way, have simply assimilated to by being around others in my field. I have come to adopt many different practices, behaviors, and skills in my field from my peers. I came into the Chamber with little to no knowledge of Photoshop what so ever, and with that program being one of the most used in my field, this was a great detriment to me

Favorite Memory:

My favorite memory would have to be the meeting held at West End bank that I was allowed to attend and absorb information and experience from. While it is indeed a recent memory, it was perhaps one of the most effecting I’ve ever experienced. I have always lived my life in a tight knit bubble. I did my work, I came home, finished my homework and slept. Yet through this experience I was able to fully appreciate the fact that I am becoming someone whose voice carries actual meaning in conversation, an adult you could say.

What do YOU see in the Chamber?

I see a group of people willing and open to any chance of providing aid to someone else. We work rigorously in order to organize events necessary to providing adults and children alike, experiences that will last them a life time. We are a non-profit, and thus do no seek out the chances for monetary advancement, rather we seek out any chance to spread the profit among the people of Wayne County. In the Chamber, I see a chance to make a real difference without the aid of any bill, coin, or check to get us there.