Meet the Interns

It’s the new school year and this semester the Chamber has two new high school interns, ZaKyra from RHS and Austin from Northeastern, below is your chance to “Meet the Interns.”


ZaKyra Fox-Holland of Richmond High School joins the Wayne County Area of Commerce as a high school intern this semester.

Fox-Holland is a senior who plans to major in Business and Marketing and is still exploring colleges she plans to attend next fall. Throughout her high school career she had spent her first two years playing volleyball and running track, as well as taking part in Business Professionals of America Association. Although after taking an introductory journalism class her freshman year, she was presented the opportunity to join the Pierian yearbook staff and take the position of People’s editor her sophomore year. After becoming the people’s editor she decided to dedicate her free time to the media programs in the school rather than sports. And her junior year she was named the Editor in Chief of the yearbook and would take on the executive role of planning and editing the book.

Being a part of the Pierian staff has granted her a lot of opportunities through journalism camps and conferences, but has also allowed her to chance to experience different aspects of designing and marketing tools to enhance the school’s book sales. The skills that she took away from being on staff unintentionally lead her to a career path in Business and Marketing. Although throughout her high school career she has always saw herself to be more drawn to journalism, she began to see more of a future in business during junior year. Therefore during senior scheduling she decided to take part in the Professional Careers Internship program which presented her the opportunity at The Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce. During her time at the Chamber of Commerce she hopes to learn new networking skills and help plan different events and be a small part in what the Chamber does for the community.


Austin Burkhart is a senior attending Northeastern High School. This is what he has to say:

I’ve attended Northeastern Wayne Schools since Kindergarten. Something meaningful to me is baseball. I’ve played baseball since I was three years old and it’s my passion. Another thing about me is that I have also played some basketball in my life. I played for Northeastern from 5th grade to sophomore year. Another school activity that I’ve participated in would be marching band, from Freshman to Junior year. I was in concert band from 5th grade to my Junior year. I’ve also been a National Honor Society member since Freshman year.

For my future plans, I intend to study Psychology and Business at Indiana University East. What I’m hoping to gain from my internship here at the Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce is to strengthen my knowledge of how a business operates along with learning more about my community. Such as an everyday setting of an office, how to connect with other businesses, business expenses/fees, learning about businesses in Wayne County that I’m not familiar with, and understand the different types of businesses. Whether they’re a non-for-profit or a corporation.