Meet the Chamber Intern: Anthony Pruett

Richmond, IN.—The Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to share that Anthony Pruett has successfully completed a semester as a Chamber intern. Pruett is currently a sophomore at Purdue Polytechnic where he is a CGT major in addition to his Chamber internship.

“I have found my internship to be a unique and constructive experience. It has allowed me to experience what it is like to design in a real life setting versus in the classroom.” Pruett said. “It has been a great experience and I know it will help me later on when I graduate and start working”

Pruett became an intern at the beginning of September this year and has helped with many projects. He has helped the Chamber by designing media and advertisements for many events and programs. The major projects he has helped with include School Is Cool and the Chamber Annual Dinner.

“Anthony has really grown throughout his time with us,” Trevor Oakerson, Director of Marketing and Membership at the Chamber, said. “I think that he has really grown as a designer through working and re-working projects at the Chamber. It’s given him experience anticipating what other people might be drawn to.”

Amy Holthouse, President and CEO at the Chamber, added, “This is a really great example of how powerful an internship can be: We  benefit from Anthony and his skill-set every day, and he gets to grow professionally from this experience. There is no doubt that he will be more valuable as an employee after this experience.”