March More Than Words: Individuality

This month, we are talking about Individuality: Discovering who you are meant to be so you can make a difference.

I love this one – helping young people see that they are unique and interesting, and that the world (and their family, their school, and our community) needs them to make a difference. But even as adults, there is a benefit in acknowledging our individuality. Research has shown that working groups filled with diversity perform better than homogeneous ones. We all want to think we are making a difference, and it feels meaningful and purposeful to believe that the difference we make is based in who we are and what unique traits we bring to the table.

This month, celebrate the talents, gifts, and skills you see in the young people (and adults!) around you.

Workplace Skill: Pride in Work
Assumes responsibility, takes personal ownership of performance quality; understands shortcomings and sets goals to improve.