January More Than Words Knowledge

This month, we’re talking about knowledge – learning something new so you can be better at whatever you do. With young people’s eyes watching us closely, each of these month’s Big Ideas are important for us to live out in our own lives. Sometimes, this one gets away from us. Learning new things comes easy when you’re young – it’s what you do every day, and you know you are doing it when it happens, because teachers quiz you, parents remind you, and principals hold you accountable. But as adults, spending time learning new things can seem like a chore. But what if we recognize the small ways we are getting better each day?
  • You attend professional development and share what you learned with others
  • You join a book club
  • You watch a documentary and apply what you learn
  • You watch a YouTube video and fix something yourself at home

When we start to see the small ways we get smarter each day, it helps to remind us that we are lifelong learners, just like kids.


  • Listen for when people say, “I read something the other day that said…” and acknowledge it as gaining in knowledge
  • Solving puzzles, visiting escape or breakout rooms, or completing crosswords

As you start your new year, remember to notice when you do something new.