IN Focus Election Special

Vote for Jobs

It is once again election season, and everywhere we look we find ads for or against a candidate – in our email, in our snail mail, on billboards and yard signs and on TV.  Everyone seems to have valid points, so how can we sift through the politics and get to the facts in order to make an educated decision?

US Chamber – Vote for Jobs

Thomas Donahue, President & CEO of the US Chamber, recently shared some important facts about the current legislators and their record of voting for jobs.

“It’s worth taking a look back at 2016 to consider what’s been accomplished and what’s at stake. In the last national election, Americans voted for the most pro-growth Congress in many years. With the help of the administration, and at the urging of the business community, elected officials delivered long-elusive victories on tax reform, regulatory relief, policies supporting responsible energy development, and more.”

See Donahue’s full report for more details.

We also encourage you to visit the Vote for Jobs site to find highlights on how our legislators’ votes align with important issues for the economy and a vibrant business climate.

Candidate Forums

The Chamber has partnered with Whitewater Community Television (WCTV) to host candidate forums for every contested race in Wayne County.  These have aired on Thursday evenings since August on their In Focus Live episodes. They can be seen online utilizing the links below.  We have taken time to carefully craft questions to hone in on the topics we believe our members care about the most.  We encourage you to take a little time to watch them – even if only part of each episode – before you head to the poles.

IN Focus on WGTV Online

In addition, Western Wayne News held live candidate forums allowing attendees to ask important questions and share their thoughts with the candidates knowing some will soon be our advocates in their elected offices.  A summary of these forums was published in the Western Wayne News and Nettle Creek Gazette following each.

Just Vote

When all is said and done, your vote counts.  This is not an election to sit out.  We need business leaders and employees alike to get to the poles and vote for jobs.

Visit this site to look for early voting information, check your registration, and to find poling locations.