Happy Thanksgiving

“During this Thanksgiving holiday we are blessed to be thankful for so many things. The Chamber of Commerce is so honored to work with a great many organizations, business leaders, and a multitude of people throughout our community each and every day, as all of us strive to help make our region the best place to live and work. During this Thanksgiving Holiday and these upcoming holidays, hopefully we take time to thank those who have worked tirelessly in our community, as well as to continue to help those not as fortunate.

We also give thanks to the many men and women who serve in our armed forces who fight every day for the freedoms we enjoy back here in these United States; as many of them will not have a chance to spend the holidays with their loved ones. We thank our Police Officers, Firefighters and medical personnel, who get up each and every day to help protect all of us so that we have a safe place to live. We thank the many education leaders and teachers who sacrifice their hard work and efforts everyday so they provide our community with a skilled and talented workforce. We thank our elected officials for their service, and all they do to help make this community a place we want to live. We thank our religious leaders throughout our cities and towns for providing us a faith element to the way we should live and treat our fellow citizens.

Finally we thank all of you for your support, trust, and confidence that the initiatives this Chamber is involved are the ones that can help make a difference for our community. We are grateful for your membership and for the relationship and partnership we have with our business community. On behalf of all of us here at the Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce, from our family to yours, many blessings for a safe, enjoyable and very Happy Thanksgiving.”

Phil D’Amico
President & CEO