Happy Holiday Season

“ On behalf of all of us here at The Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce, we want to extend our most sincere wishes to you and yours for a very Happy Holiday Season. We as a community have so many blessings to be happy about. It has often been said and written that the strength of any community is defined by how well everyone joins together to rally around one another to help those citizens that are more vulnerable or at risk. This area has a rich, deep tradition of pulling together, getting up after a tough situation, dusting ourselves off, and getting to work to help those who are in the most need. There is a great history and tradition of philanthropy and stewardship throughout our community.

The Chamber also has been the recipient of that graciousness throughout our over 50 year history, and we once again benefited from so many in our community who see the Chamber as a relevant, engaging organization to the entire business community. Chambers of Commerce started because the business community knew and realized that collectively their voices are much stronger than individually. Because of your generosity, the Chamber will once again be focused on providing that collective strength, as well as, exemplary programs and initiatives that will continue to help revitalize and transform our community into one of the top places to live and work. We too are so blessed by so many that work with us, partner with us, and provide their friendship that allows us make an impact for your business. We wish you a very Merry Christmas, happy Holidays, and a safe and enjoyable new year.”


Phil D’Amico, President and CEO