Governor Signs Chamber’s Top Priority on COVID-19 Civil Immunity

Supplied by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. On Monday, SB 1 (Civil Immunity Related to COVID-19), authored by Sen. Mark Messmer (R-Jasper), cleared the Legislature when the Senate concurred 39-7 on the version passed by the House. Three days later, Gov. Eric Holcomb signed the bill into law.

The Governor stated: “The pandemic has affected Hoosier businesses, schools and others in ways no one could have foreseen just one year ago. To aid in the state’s recovery, I made providing assurances that they will not have to live and work in fear of frivolous lawsuits a part of my Next Level Agenda. Most Hoosier businesses and other organizations are making good faith attempts to protect their customers and employees, because it is the right thing to do and it makes for better business in the long run. I want to thank lawmakers for rapidly passing this key piece of legislation and sending it to my desk for signature.”
Senate Bill 1 is retroactive to March 2020.

The Indiana Chamber is very appreciative of the Governor’s support and that the Legislature fast tracked this bill. More and more of these lawsuits are being filed across the country despite the fact that a person could be exposed to COVID-19 virtually anywhere out in public.

Hoosier businesses that follow accepted COVID-19 safety guidelines should not be subject to litigation that could devastate their companies – many of which are already struggling financially. That’s why this bill is so important and comes as a great relief to businesses – particularly smaller businesses – across the state. And it’s the reason this was our top legislative priority this session.

The Chamber wants to thank Sen. Messmer and Rep. Jerry Torr (R-Carmel), the House sponsor of the bill, for all of their hard work on this critical business issue.

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