Firehouse BBQ restaurant expanding its bar area

A restaurant in Richmond’s Historic Depot District soon will have room for more diners in its bar area as it expands operations into a neighboring building.Firehouse BBQ and Blues, 400 N. Eighth St., is adding about 800 square feet of dining space — as well as several hundred square feet of kitchen space — to its floor plan, through renovations to an adjoined building’s lower level.

The renovations, which are expected to conclude in early June, will more than double the existing amount of space in the bar section of the restaurant.”This is something that’s been in consideration for a little while now, and it just felt like it was the right time to go ahead and move forward with plans to make it happen,” said owner Tom Broyles. “Our customers have always been supportive of us, and we always have people looking for seats in that part of the restaurant, so I’m hopeful it will be beneficial to make this move.”


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