February More Than Words: Service

This month, we are focusing on SERVICE: Lending a hand to help someone else. We all know what that looks like in terms of giving to those outside of our organization or workplace, but what could it look like to serve others right in your own home or office?

You can lead by example. Look for ways to be of service to other:
• Surprise a coworker by offering to make copies for them.
• Text one employee a month and ask how you can be of service to them that week.
• If you are in a school, offer to take one teacher’s class to the lunchroom and bring them back to the room one day, saving the teacher several minutes of valuable time.
• Recognize times employees serve one another.
• Recognize when a coworker needs a break, a hug, a note, a phone call, a text, a helping hand, and offer your service whenever possible.