Employers: 4 Things to Consider with the COVID-19 Vaccine

Chamber members:

We are finally in a stage of COVID-19 vaccines, and there are important things you should be thinking about for your workforce. We all want to get back to “normal” as soon as possible, but we are continually reminded that is still in the distance.  The more people are vaccinated, the closer we get to the herd immunity we keep hearing about.

Thankfully, vaccines are now being given at the Reid site in the Kuhlman Center as well as in the former Elder-Beerman building with the Wayne County Health Department.  The hours of operation at the Kuhlman Center are Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Individuals schedule online at OurShot.IN.gov, or by calling 211. While the eligible groups do not yet include adults under 65, now is the time to start planning.

I want to encourage you to consider these four things to help your employees through this process:

  1. Do your employees have access to a computer and does that computer’s firewall allow access to the scheduling website? If not, consider setting up special computer stations for easy access and add the state scheduling site, powered by Zotec, on your approved website list. Be sure to have sanitizing items nearby to keep the stations clean from user to user.
  2. Do your employees have the freedom to leave for a short time to get vaccinated? While this obviously takes away from productivity, ultimately it will help you get back to your highest productivity levels and reduce the need for quarantine/isolation periods.  It is realistic to expect under 30 minutes to be in and out of the test site.  This includes the 15-minute observation time.  If the individual has completed registration, the wait time is even less. A link will be received from Zotec that will allow the employee to complete the registration before heading to the vaccine clinic.
  3. What is the perception of safety among your workers?  We have all heard theories of how safe the vaccinations are or are not.  What are the facts?  Consider posting the Myth Busters poster.
  4.  If you have employees who work in Indiana but live in Ohio, they may be vaccinated at either the Kuhlman Center or the Wayne County Health Dept site. If it is more convenient for an Ohio resident to be vaccinated closer to home, they will need to contact the health department in their county of residence.

Ultimately, we cannot require our employees to be vaccinated.  However, the more we can do to eliminate barriers with the process, the more people we will see actually receiving the vaccination.

Frequently Asked COVID-19 Vaccine Questions