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“As they say in Agriculture circles, “Ag is more than cows, plows, sows, and rows.”  That is especially true in Indiana, and specifically Wayne County. Agriculture represents a $25 Billion per year revenue stream into Indiana. Our state is ranked fifth (5th)  in the country in both production and revenues. The state of Indiana has over 130,000 Hoosier workers that are registered in some form or fashion to the Agriculture industry. Bringing it back more local here to Wayne County and our surrounding county neighbors, this region accounts for over $600 million in revenues. It is no wonder why one of the most successful events and programs of the year that the Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce organizes is the Farm tour Event.

Since 1969, Bell’s Strawberry farm in Hagerstown has provided some of the best strawberries this state produces. This year’s farm tour, happening on Tuesday, July 25,  will feature the Bell Strawberry farm and its owners Ed, and his wife Debbie Bell. If the story ended there, it would still be a great tour. However the uniqueness of this farm is that Ed has a disability that would make farming tough enough in perfect circumstances, let alone for someone that fights illness every day. However through a  government program called AgrAbility, there are programs in place, and assistance through either new machine technology or simply mentoring/coaching programs that make farming is made easier and more tolerable for those individuals who suffer with debilitating life injuries.

The Bells have overcome such a great deal to run and operate a very successful strawberry farm. So the farm tour will be an outstanding way to not only see how strawberries are farmed and grown, but we can also see how AgrAbilities is helping one family be one of the most successful farms in the state of Indiana.

Please join us on January 25 for a great tour, great experience and a terrific meal provided by Willie and Reds in Hagerstown for only $10 per person. You still have time to register and sign up for one of the most interesting and fun Chamber events of the year. We look forward to seeing you there.”


Phil D’Amico
President & CEO
Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce

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