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Recently I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting the incoming new President of Earlham College, Alan Price. On July 1, Mr. Price will officially take over as Earlham College’s 18th President. Mr. Price is a 1988 Economics graduate of Earlham College, and a 1992 Law Degree graduate of Harvard University. Mr. Price also served as an Infantryman in the United States Army National Guard, as well as serving in the Peace Corps. Obviously Dr. Price’s accomplishments are so very impressive as well as the incredible vast international experience he gained while working in the President Obama administration as an Associate Director of Management in the Peace Corps.

Mr. Price is also a credentialed author of a book on Leadership and Mentorship, titled, “Ready to Lead? A story for Leaders and Mentors. “Besides all of the remarkable accolades and credentials that Mr. Price brings with him, the most impressive that I witnessed was his grace, humility, and passion for what Earlham College has meant to his life. He starts his day every morning with a 2 mile walk through Earlham’s pristine campus, admiring what was, what has become, and what can be, of his alma mater.  All of the tangible items listed above are equally highlighted with how genuine, nice, down-to-earth, and immensely sincere he is; as well as the humble nature with how he carries himself.

I left with an over-whelming impression and feeling that Mr. Price will provide an extraordinary and exemplary leadership vision to help guide Earlham to its next wave of future growth. He has already hit the ground running by connecting with students, Earlham faculty, and the citizens at large. Earlham, and this community, are very blessed and fortunate to have such an impressive, authentic leader join this region, and a person who will make an immediate, profound impact on the success of our community. We wish to extend a very warm welcome to Alan Price, and his wife Gina LaRoche, to Richmond and Wayne County.


Phil D’Amico
President & CEO
Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce

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